Mission:Forever Bound (Hero) - Part I: Not Now, Not Ever

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Part I: Not Now, Not Ever


Hello Character, My name is Michael Binocolo a recently recruited member of the Luddites. For years the Luddites have rallied against the evils of Dr. Aeon. But now, we seek to become members of the Midnight Squad.

I am here acting as ambassador, to show them that the Luddites would be reliable allies. However, the Midnight Squad have requested that we choose a hero, or group of heroes, to act as our representatives.

They have heard that the Luddites are... difficult to work with. I would like to request you to represent the Luddites in speaking with the Midnighters. Will you accept?

This arc contains elite bosses and may be difficult for certain players to do by themselves.

Mission Acceptance

Excellent! The first step is to take a visit to the Midnighter's Club. Montague Castanella has said that he has a special entrance set up in Talos for us, and that when we are ready, we can enter it with a sigil that he gave us.

Would you mind going in first? I have some things that I must settle here, but I think if they see a hero such as yourself working as a representative of the Luddites, they will see that we are eager and willing to do what we can to work with them.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'll be there shortly, once I've finished with some paperwork that was given to us.

Mission Objective(s)


You step into the Midnighter Club to find it embroiled in chaos! You'll need to do what you can to turn the tide of the battle!

  • Represent the Luddites for the Midnighter Club
    • 2 groups of cultists to clear out
    • Push forward and rescue Percy Winkley
    • Bring Percy to Montague
    • Get ready...
    • Fend off the incoming Rulu-Shin!

You've helped the Midnighters fight off the Rulu-Shin, but now Tommy Arcanus' skull is missing!


V badge Rularuu.png Rulu-Shin

Notable NPCs:

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Tommy Missing
Mercedes Sheldon ran up to you and the group of Midnighters to deliver some dire information.

'Those insane Rulu-Shin, they took the skull of Tommy Arcanus, and the baseball cap that he's attuned to! I tried to chase after them, but they vanished into some sort of magical portal. I don't know what they're after, but we have to get Tommy back.'


A group called... the Rulu-Shin stole the skull of Tommy Arcanus and attacked the Midnighter Club itself?! This is not good, Character, not good at all.

But, there is something that can be done. Here is some information regarding Tommy Arcanus. I wrote it myself while doing research regarding the Midnighter club.

The Midnighters will be recovering from this attack, meaning that you and I can make a move and try to take back what was lost! It may be fate that I am here now, Character, for I have experience with the Rulu-Shin; it is because of them that I implored the Luddites to ask for the help of the Midnighters.

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The Life of Tommy Arcanus
Tommy Arcanus was one of the early members of the Midnighter Club. His is the father of Tammy Arcanus, aka Numina. He was fascinated with magic and the metaphysical world, so much that his daughter, Tammy, was born with magical powers.

Tommy was a brilliant magician, but sometimes did not realize just how far his magical research took him. Tommy Arcanus died, but only in body. His spirit lives on in his skull, which now sits in the Midnighter Club. Tommy provides assistance to the Midnighters and his daughter, Tammy, even after his death.