Mission:Anton Sampson - Deliver the report to the hero oversight committee

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Deliver the report to the hero oversight committee

Badge bughunter 01.png Bug! It's possible to spawn this mission with less than 50 Nemesis inside - meaning the mission cannot be completed without GM assistance. Solo players should set their difficulty (at a Field Analyst) to be the equivalent of two heroes (x2) in order to avoid this, if they are soloing. In this case, some players may also wish to lower their combat level to (-1). Noted 08 May 2012.


I've got bad news today. The city council just passed a new resolution requiring all heroes to submit an accounting of their activities to an oversight committee. I've spent the past few hours writing up a report of your recent missions. Could you deliver the report to the hero oversight committee? They might want to ask you some questions.

Mission Acceptance

I don't know about this new resolution. It seems like the city has been trying to get a lot more control over hero activities lately.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Character, they need you over at the committee office! Pronto!

Icon clue generic.png
A Report: Character's Activities
This report details every mission you have been on in the last six months. The report was requested by a newly formed hero oversight committee, a symptom of the city's new efforts to firmly control all hero activities.

Mission Objective(s)

You hear a woman's voice pleading for mercy, and it doesn't sound like someone complaining about a traffic ticket. Your senses snap to focus. Something's not right with the oversight committee.

  • Deliver report to committee
    • 5 committee members to save, 50 Nemesis to Defeat

You rescued the committee members from Nemesis.

Icon clue generic.png
Nemesis Automatons
This crate is full of carefully sculpted life-like robotic impostors, each one modeled on a member of the city council. They are currently disassembled, but you note that there are enough pieces missing from the create for several impostor robots to have already been assembled.
Icon clue generic.png
The committee member's story
One of the committee members you rescued told you:

'I didn't even want to be on this stupid committee. I've always supported heroes, thought they were the best thing that ever happened to this city. But I was appointed against my wishes, just like the rest of my colleagues here. Then, today, these Nemesis goons show up. They told us we'd been selected because our pro-hero initiatives interfered with Nemesis' plan. They planned to replace us with automatons who would perform our jobs to Nemesis' liking!'

Notable NPCs

  • 5 Committee members (Hostages)


Badge villain nemesis.png Nemesis
Badge villain nemesis.png Nemesis Automatons


I had no idea that Nemesis could secretly hold such power within the city government. He hand-selected that committee, then tried to replace them with automatons! It's absolutely diabolical, and classic Nemesis technique. Another good indication that this could be the original Prussian Prince of Automatons and not an impostor. Either way, Nemesis may well be the greatest threat Paragon City has ever faced.