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This is a player-made strategy guide for the Lambda Sector Trial

Lambda Sector map
Map of the Lambda Sector courtyard
with user created markers

Phase One: Defeat Foes

  • In the first phase, the goal is to defeat enough enemies to activate the "Security Team" (which is actually an Elite Boss War Walker). Generally, it's best to clear the streets and the courtyard, including the turrets, before going inside to fight the Elite Boss. This gives fewer allies to help Marauder during the final fight and allows the use of Flight and Leaping to escape the fight without fear of running into more enemies.
  • An increasingly common alternative, the "speed Lambda", skips the streets and turrets. All players jump or fly directly over the outer wall into the courtyard at the start of the mission; there are enough enemies in the courtyard to complete the first phase without killing anything in the streets. Although slightly more dangerous due to leaving the turrets up, it saves quite some time.

Phase Two: Collect Temporary Powers

  • After the Elite Boss is defeated, the second phase will begin as soon as any member of the league goes down either of the sets of elevators. This is a good time to explain the second phase of the Trial to any members who aren't familiar with the strategy, as the second phase is extremely chaotic and can easily confuse inexperienced players, wasting valuable and very limited time.
  • The two teams should split up when going down the elevators, one to destroy the Weapons Caches, granting Pacification Grenades, and the other to destroy the Containment Chambers, granting Molecular Acids. This will ensure a more even dispersal of the Temporary Powers and maximize the amount of time that you have before Marauder arrives, because for each pair of one Weapon Cache and one Containment Chamber destroyed, one minute is added to the countdown clock. When all 10 of the objectives are collected in a section of the Facility, all players in that section will be teleported back to the lobby where the two sets of elevators are at, and should immediately proceed to the other section to help the slower team. If both sections of the facility are cleared, the phase ends, Marauder immediately arrives, and all players are teleported back to the lobby.

Phase Three: Defeat Marauder

  • Once the cutscene with Marauder ends, the third phase begins. All players should exit the facility and quickly prepare for a difficult fight. The temporary powers are extremely critical for completing the Trial for almost any team, unless extremely well organized and prepared to attempt one or more of the (very difficult) badge objectives. Due to this, it should be clearly and succinctly explained to any inexperienced participants exactly when and how to use the temporary powers before combat begins.
  • The Molecular Acids should immediately be used to destroy the glowing Reinforcement Portals before Marauder is engaged at all as the IDF Reinforcements that are summoned through them can easily overwhelm some leagues in a short amount of time. It is best to have all Reinforcement Portals destroyed before the first wave of Reinforcements appears, the timer for which is shown on the objective window.
  • After the Reinforcement Portals are gone, the second type of temporary power, the Pacification Grenade, can be used to placate Marauder and lower his defenses. In the objective window, there is a bar indicating whether Marauder is Enraged (the bar displays in red) or not (the bar displays in gray). Also, a splash text will say when Marauder is Enraged and a Pacification Grenade should be used.
  • In case one or both of the indoor teams weren't successful in gathering enough of the Temporary Powers before Praetor White arrived, there will be additional weapon caches and containment chambers spawning on a regular basis outside in the courtyard.
  • The temporary powers can actually be passed from one player to another. Leagues often give all of one type of temporary power to one team member (usually the team leaders) to keep track of them. It was also the practice to do this during Issue 20 Beta Testing since during the Beta you could waste the temporary powers by casting several on the same target at the same time, however, the game mechanics now prevent that issue on the Live Servers. If a Molecular Acid is used on a portal, then there is no more target for another Acid. If the Pacification Grenade is used on Marauder, then another Grenade can't be used until his Rage has returned. Note that it is still possible through unfortunate timing and latency for two (or more) people to activate the temporary powers at nearly exactly the same time, and, though extremely rare, is still a potential waste.