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A term referring to the strategy a player uses to "herd" one or more mobs to a specific location, making it easier for team mates to attack them. Herding is especially effective in teams with aoe effects, because aoe damage can effect the entire mob at once.

Typically a Tanker will herd because they can very effectively hold aggro. However other Archetypes such as Controllers with pets that aggro, can be almost as effective as a Tank.


  • The Tank picks a spot to herd the mob to and informs all team mates so they know to stay back out of line of site and wait for the mob to assemble
  • The Tank then runs into the area where the mob is located using taunt or defense powers that naturally taunt to aggro the mob/mobs to chase him/her
  • Tank returns to the spot selected which is normally around a corner so they are out of line of site so the mob(s) have to follow. Getting out of line of sight is very important if the Tank is attempting to herd a mob that has ranged attacks, like the Council , to ensure they chase him/her to the desired location.
  • Once the mob surrounds the Tank he/she continues to taunt while team mates attack. Defenders should use healing and buff powers to help the Tank survive until all enemies are defeated
  • If there is a Boss or members of the mob with cone effects such as stun or sleep, the Tank should turn the mob away from the rest of the team.
  • Knockback can greatly interfere with herding, so the Tank should instruct team members with Kb to hover-attack from directly above the mob. This way the Kb will knock the targets down, instead of away from the tank. If there is not enough room to hover above a mob, then attempt to Kb into a wall/corner near the Tank.

An even more detailed explanation is available on the Tanker Strategy page under the sub heading HERDING