Flames of Prometheus

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Temporary Prometheus.png


The Flames of Prometheus have left their trace on you, giving you an early taste of the powers of the Incarnate. This manifests as a minor increase to your health and damage output. This boon is permanent until you reach security level 50, at which point your connection to the Well of the Furies will overwhelm the lingering effects of this power. However, you will be able to trade in this power at that time for a rare Notice of the Well Incarnate component once you embark on the Incarnate path, which will prove a much stronger benefit in the long run.

How to Get

To obtain this temporary power, complete the Mortimer Kal Strike Force. When that character reaches level 50, the power disappears, but they get a reward badge under Accomplishments that can be traded in for a Notice of the Well.

Power Summary

Duration Until the character reaches level 50
Effects +Max HP, +Regen, +DMG

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