Black Helicopter Transport

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Nerva Archipelago helicopter


The Black Helicopter Line is one of the services provided to move villains around the Rogue Isles.

If there are multiple copies of the same zone (e.g. "Grandville" and "Grandville 2"), players can select another copy of the same zone they are in.


The stops on the Black Helicopter Line are as follows:


Badge time.png This section contains information about changes that took place in City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.
  • Issue 19 merged the two Black Helicopter Lines. Previously, Mercy Island (South) and Cap au Diable were connected by one Line, and Nerva Archipelago, St. Martial, and Grandville were connected by a separate Line. Mercy Island (North) did not connect to any other zones.
  • Issue 20 added multiple stops to the now-combined Line:
    • Port Oakes
    • Sharkhead Isle
    • Nerva Archipelago (Agincourt)
    • Grandville (The Fab)

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