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== External Links ==
== External Links ==
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{{BadgeHunter Badge}}
[[Category:CoH Accolade Badges]]
[[Category:CoH Accolade Badges]]

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You have impressed Mary MacComber, leader of the Cabal, by defeating her ten times. Though some members of the Cabal may still fear you, others will work as your allies. As a reward, you can now use a witch hat as a costume piece.

How to Get

Defeat Mary MacComber 10 times during Katie Hannon's Task Force.

Each defeat will earn you an X Times the Victor Badge. Each time you earn the next badge, it will increment your badge counter as a normal badge would, but if you gain the 10th badge you lose all the others. If you already have the 10th badge, and then get all the other badges (1-9) they will disappear even though you have only earned the 9.

  1. Once the Victor
  2. Twice the Victor
  3. Thrice the Victor
  4. Four Times the Victor
  5. Five Times the Victor
  6. Six Times the Victor
  7. Seven Times the Victor
  8. Eight Times the Victor
  9. Nine Times the Victor
  10. Ten Times the Victor

See Also

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