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Outputs the souvenir text for a souvenir. This content is whatever is in the "Souvenir's Text" section of the article whose name is given. Optionally, a "section" parameter can be used to override which section is used.

Basic example

The basic usage is to just pass the template the souvenir name. For example, this template call:

{{souvenir|A Brass Drill}}

Will output this:

A Brass Drill

This is a piece from one of the Nemesis Army's deadly drill-machines, torn off the titanic device during the final beachfront battle of the exploit you remember as:


It all began when Black Scorpion was ordered to bring you in on Arachnos' biggest plan yet, Operation: DESTINY. Scorpion wasn't happy to be working with you again, but the order had come down from Lord Recluse himself, so he couldn't disobey. Your first job was to take out an underwater Longbow base that would be able to warn heroes about Arachnos raids into Paragon City.

The next step to clear the way for the raid was to take out Longbow's chaser squadrons by hitting their island base. You blew up a lot of chaser aircraft on the ground and in the air, as well as shut down their radar systems. Even though he was still stinging from your earlier betrayal, Scorpion had to admit it was work well done.

Now it was time to make the raid. You went in right after a bombing run had put Paragon City's defenders into chaos. You stole the data needed and destroyed 4 of Portal Corp's major portals, shutting down hero interference in Operation: DESTINY for the time being.

There's no rest for the wicked, however, and you had to help Scorpion wrap up some loose ends. An Arachnos base had gone silent, and hero activity was suspected. You went in to investigate, and were fired on by robotic impostors of Arachnos troopers wielding Nemesis Army weapons! The Prussian Prince of Automatons had replaced everyone in the base with robotic replicas. Black Scorpion's Paranoia went into over-drive, but there was one strange clue: Floating rocks you found in one of the robot's boots. Floating rocks that could only have come from the Shadow Shard!

You used the Nerva portal to travel to the strange parallel dimension known as the Shadow Shard, and there you found a massive build-up of Nemesis Army troops. You located their plans, and discovered that they were marshaling their forces to invade Grandville!

You arrived with the information, but it was almost too late. The Nemesis Army was on the beaches, and you went to help repel them. You destroyed their drill machines to cut off their reinforcements, crushing the invasion before they could get a foothold and throwing the Nemesis Army back into the sea.

With your successful raids into Paragon City and the defense of Grandville against the Nemesis Army, things are definitely looking up. Black Scorpion even seems to have regained a grudging respect for your power, and told you that soon you would be the focal point of the greatest triumph of Arachnos - Operation: DESTINY. You can only wonder what will happen next.

Example with section parameter

If the page doesn't have a section named "Souvenir's Text" (for example, it might have hero/villain specific text), then you can override what section is used with the section parameter. For example, this template call:

{{souvenir|The Origin of Power|section=Hero Souvenir's Text}}

Will output this:

The Origin of Power

You look at one of the ancient tablets that Percy Winkley gave you as a souvenir of your adventures and are reminded of the events you've come to know of as...

The Origin of Power

Percy Winkley sent you all over Paragon City to talk to different heroes of each of the five origins. You talked to War Witch about magic, Manticore regarding his natural skills and training and Positron about technology. You even spoke with Synapse about how he became who he is today thanks to a Crey experiment. One of the more interesting visits you had was with Sister Psyche regarding the creation of mutants during the late thirties.

All of this showed you the history of origins... of powers. However, it wasn't until the Circle of Thorns decided to try and corrupt that power that you got to take action. The Thorns had found an ancient cave filled with tablets. These tablets were said to hold the secrets of power and the Thorns were attempting to bend that power to their own end.

Thankfully, Percy had tracked down where the cave was and you went there and collected all the tablets for the Midnight Squad, making sure that the Thorns wouldn't be able to use them for any nefarious purposes.