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This will link to a page if the target exists. Otherwise, it will just display the name without a link. There are several ways to call it:

  • {{linkifexists|Page Name}}
  • {{linkifexists|Page Name|Display Name}}
  • {{linkifexists|page=Page Name}}
  • {{linkifexists|page=Page Name|name=Display Name}}


Target Exists Target Doesn't Exist
Template Call Result Template Call Result
{{linkifexists|Main Page}} Main Page {{linkifexists|Fake Page}} Fake Page
{{linkifexists|Main Page|Home}} Home {{linkifexists|Fake Page|Home}} Home
{{linkifexists|page=Main Page}} Main Page {{linkifexists|page=Fake Page}} Fake Page
{{linkifexists|page=Main Page|name=Home}} Home {{linkifexists|page=Fake Page|name=Home}} Home