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settitle Hero Badge Villain Badge
2 Servant of Recluse Badge Servant of Recluse Badge
4 Member of the Scorpion Clan Badge Member of the Scorpion Clan Badge
5 Binder of Beasts Badge Binder of Beasts Badge
6 Pirate Hunter Badge Air Pirate Badge
7 Leviathan Badge Leviathan Badge
8 Crystal Keeper Badge Crystal Keeper Badge
9 Plague Carrier Badge Plague Carrier Badge
10 Mask Maker Badge Mask Maker Badge
11 Stone Cold Badge Stone Cold Badge
12 Bone Collector Badge Bone Collector Badge
13 Paragon of Vice Badge Paragon of Vice Badge
14 Seaweed Badge Seaweed Badge
15 Strikebreaker Badge Strikebreaker Badge
16 Slag Reaper Badge Slag Reaper Badge
17 Agent of Discord Badge Agent of Discord Badge
18 Soul Taker Badge Soul Taker Badge
19 Bad Luck Badge Bad Luck Badge
20 Exterminator Badge Exterminator Badge
21 Skip Tracer Badge Skip Tracer Badge
22 Portal Hopper Badge Portal Hopper Badge
23 Party Crasher Badge Party Crasher Badge
24 Mage Hunter Badge Mage Hunter Badge
25 Efficiency Expert Badge Efficiency Expert Badge
26 Couch Potato Badge Couch Potato Badge
27 Reinforcement Badge Reinforcement Badge
28 Agent Provocateur Badge Agent Provocateur Badge
29 Irradiated Badge Irradiated Badge
30 Electrician Badge Electrician Badge
33 Fort Knox Badge Fort Knox Badge
34 Gangbuster Badge Gangbuster Badge
35 Spectral Badge Spectral Badge
36 Pirate Badge Pirate Badge
37 Goon Squad Badge Goon Squad Badge
38 Grand Lanista Badge Grand Lanista Badge
39 Gunner Badge Gunner Badge
40 Hammerhead Badge Hammerhead Badge
41 Disruptor Badge Disruptor Badge
42 Lanista Badge Lanista Badge
43 Forward Observer Badge Forward Observer Badge
44 Man/Woman in Black Badge Man/Woman in Black Badge
45 Power Liberator Badge Master Thief Badge
46 Risk Taker Badge Most Wanted Badge
47 Time Traveler Badge Time Traveler Badge
48 Rocketman Badge Rocketman Badge
49 Annihilator Badge Annihilator Badge
50 Hammer Down Badge Hammer Down Badge
52 Siren's Song Badge Raider Badge
53 Spider Smasher Badge Spider Smasher Badge
54 Strike Buster Badge Strike Buster Badge
55 Surging Badge Surging Badge
56 The Mongoose Badge The Mongoose Badge
57 Coldblooded Badge Coldhearted Badge
58 HellBane Badge HellBane Badge
59 Reformed Badge Villain Badge
60 Vigilante Badge Wanted Badge
61 Web Master Badge Web Master Badge
62 Weed Whacker Badge Weed Whacker Badge
63 Abomination Badge Abomination Badge
64 Anathema Badge Anathema Badge
65 Pariah Anchorite Badge Pariah Anchorite Badge
66 Arachnobot Badge Arachnobot Badge
67 Arachnoid Badge Arachnoid Badge
68 Arch-Mage of Agony Badge Arch-Mage of Agony Badge
69 Avalanche Shaman Badge Avalanche Shaman Badge
70 Behemoth Overlord Badge Behemoth Overlord Badge
71 Bladegrass Badge Bladegrass Badge
72 Boulder Badge Boulder Badge
73 Button Man Gunner Badge Button Man Gunner Badge
74 Caliban Badge Caliban Badge
75 Mook Capo Badge Mook Capo Badge
76 Cobra Badge Cobra Badge
77 Cog Badge Cog Badge
78 Coralax Blue Hybrid Badge Coralax Blue Hybrid Badge
79 Crab Spider Longfang Badge Crab Spider Longfang Badge
80 Crane Enforcer Badge Crane Enforcer Badge
81 Tellus Legacy of Earth Badge Tellus Legacy of Earth Badge
82 Fire Thorn Caster Badge Fire Thorn Caster Badge
83 Fortunata Seer Badge Fortunata Seer Badge
84 Fungoid Badge Fungoid Badge
85 Gremlin Badge Gremlin Badge
86 Hellfrost Badge Hellfrost Badge
87 Ink Man Badge Ink Man Badge
88 Juicer Badge Juicer Badge
89 Hordeling Lasher Badge Hordeling Lasher Badge
90 Kaolin Legacy of Earth Badge Kaolin Legacy of Earth Badge
91 Ember Legacy of Flame Badge Ember Legacy of Flame Badge
92 Lucent Legacy of Light Badge Lucent Legacy of Light Badge
93 Longbow Warden 2 Badge Longbow Warden 2 Badge
94 Longbow Rifleman Badge Longbow Rifleman Badge
95 Longbow Warden 1 Badge Longbow Warden 1 Badge
96 Meson Badge Meson Badge
97 Mob Specialist Badge Mob Specialist Badge
98 Mook Badge Mook Badge
99 Mu Guardian Badge Mu Guardian Badge
100 Nebula Elite Buckshot Badge Nebula Elite Buckshot Badge
101 Nemesis Soldier Badge Nemesis Soldier Badge
102 Night Widow Badge Night Widow Badge
103 Longbow Nullifier Badge Longbow Nullifier Badge
104 Omega Wolf Badge Omega Wolf Badge
105 7th Generation Paragon Protector Badge 7th Generation Paragon Protector Badge
106 Penumbra Elite Adjutant Badge Penumbra Elite Adjutant Badge
107 Night Haunt Badge Night Haunt Badge
108 Crey Power Tank Badge Crey Power Tank Badge
109 Hydra Protean Badge Hydra Protean Badge
110 Raider Engineer Badge Raider Engineer Badge
111 Red Hand Badge Red Hand Badge
112 Research Assistant Badge Research Assistant Badge
113 Rikti Drone Badge Rikti Drone Badge
114 Shivan Destroyer Badge Shivan Destroyer Badge
115 Slag Pile Badge Slag Pile Badge
116 Outcast Slugger Badge Outcast Slugger Badge
117 Sorcerer Badge Sorcerer Badge
118 Longbow Spec-Ops Badge Longbow Spec-Ops Badge
119 Steel Strongman Badge Steel Strongman Badge
120 Swift Steel Badge Swift Steel Badge
121 Chief Swiper Badge Chief Swiper Badge
122 Wolf Spider Tac Ops Badge Wolf Spider Tac Ops Badge
123 Tank Smasher Badge Tank Smasher Badge
124 Tarantula Badge Tarantula Badge
125 Hercules Titan Badge Hercules Titan Badge
126 Wailer Badge Wailer Badge
127 Wailer Queen Badge Wailer Queen Badge
128 Zenith Warcry Mk I Badge Zenith Warcry Mk I Badge
129 Warhulk Badge Warhulk Badge
130 Smasher Elite Badge Smasher Elite Badge
131 Wolf Spider Enforcer Badge Wolf Spider Enforcer Badge
132 Wraith Badge Wraith Badge
133 Lorekeeper Badge Lorekeeper Badge
134 Technofreak Badge Technofreak Badge
135 Swashbuckler Badge Swashbuckler Badge
136 Arachnos Rising Badge Arachnos Rising Badge
140 Thorn Robber Badge Thorn Robber Badge
141 Thorn Thief Badge Thorn Thief Badge
142 Thorn Usurper Badge Thorn Usurper Badge
148 Mirage Badge Mirage Badge
149 Mako's Betrayer Badge Bloodletter Badge
150 Ghost Widow's Betrayer Badge Spider's Kiss Badge
151 Black Scorpion's Betrayer Badge The Stinger Badge
155 Longbow Reservist Badge Jet-Setter Badge
156 Holiday Spirit Badge Scrooge Badge
157 Toy Collector Badge Toy Collector Badge
158 Lobbyist Badge Crooked Politician Badge
159 Hungry Badge All Consuming Badge
160 Imploding Badge Imploding Badge
161 Ghoulish Badge Ghoulish Badge
162 Sparky Badge Sparky Badge
163 Media Junky Badge Media Junky Badge
164 Egghead Badge Egghead Badge
165 Steamed Badge Steamed Badge
166 Sweet Tooth Badge Sweet Tooth Badge
167 Overlord Badge Overlord Badge
168 Sewer Dweller Badge Sewer Dweller Badge
169 Guttersnipe Badge Guttersnipe Badge
170 Master/Mistress of the Airwaves Badge Master/Mistress of the Airwaves Badge
171 Cesspool Badge Cesspool Badge
172 Snake Charmer Badge Snake Charmer Badge
173 Chum Badge Chum Badge
174 Fortified Badge Fortified Badge
175 The Next Big Thing Badge The Next Big Thing Badge
176 Towering Badge Widower/Widow Badge
177 Watcher on the Knoll Badge Watcher on the Knoll Badge
178 Locked and Loaded Badge Locked and Loaded Badge
179 Nerva Wreck Badge Nerva Wreck Badge
180 Primal Instinct Badge Primal Instinct Badge
181 Tree Hugger Badge Tree Hugger Badge
182 Scurvy Dog Badge Scurvy Dog Badge
183 Washed Up Badge Washed Up Badge
184 Powder Monkey Badge Powder Monkey Badge
185 Driller Badge Driller Badge
186 Globetrotter Badge Globetrotter Badge
187 Ragnarok Badge Ragnarok Badge
188 Temporal Fighter Badge Dark Victory Badge
189 Last Stand Badge Last Stand Badge
190 Razor Toothed Badge Razor Toothed Badge
191 Forged by Hellfire Badge Forged by Hellfire Badge
192 Freak of Nature Badge Freak of Nature Badge
193 Pit Viper Badge Pit Viper Badge
194 Hangman/Hangwoman Badge Hangman/Hangwoman Badge
195 Politician Badge Politician Badge
196 Broad Shoulders Badge Broad Shoulders Badge
197 Piratical Badge Piratical Badge
198 Deuces Wild Badge Deuces Wild Badge
199 Paroled Badge Crimelord Badge
200 Stonekeeper Badge Stonekeeper Badge
201 Camel Snot Badge Camel Snot Badge
202 Jail Bird Badge Jail Bird Badge
203 Weapon Inspector Badge Weapon of Mass Destruction Badge
204 Tunnel Rat Badge Tunnel Rat Badge
205 Triumphant Badge Triumphant Badge
209 Heart of Light Badge Heart of Darkness Badge
212 Handsome/Beautiful Badge Handsome/Beautiful Badge
213 Toothbreaker Badge Toothbreaker Badge
214 Red Cap Badge Red Cap Badge
215 Snowbeast Badge Snowbeast Badge
219 Reveler Badge Reveler Badge
220 5th Columnist Badge 5th Columnist Badge
222 Ex-Marshal Badge Marshal Badge
223 Headline Stealer Badge Headline Stealer Badge
224 Born in Battle Badge Born in Battle Badge
225 High Pain Threshold Badge High Pain Threshold Badge
226 Demonic Badge Demonic Badge
227 Egomaniac Badge Megalomaniac Badge
228 Venomous Badge Venomous Badge
237 Firebug Badge Firebug Badge
238 Force of Nature Badge Force of Nature Badge
239 Hero Slayer Badge Hero Slayer Badge
240 Impounder Badge Impounder Badge
241 Invader Badge Invader Badge
242 Outlaw Badge Outlaw Badge
243 Safecracker Badge Safecracker Badge
244 Vandal Badge Vandal Badge
245 Global Threat Badge Global Threat Badge
246 King Maker Badge King Maker Badge
247 Road Raged Badge Road Raged Badge
248 Steel Worker Badge Steel Worker Badge
249 Tyrannical Badge Tyrannical Badge
250 Talon of Talos Badge Talon of Talos Badge
251 Brickhouse Badge Brickhouse Badge
252 Anarchist Badge Anarchist Badge
253 Gate Crasher Badge Gate Crasher Badge
274 Time Machinist Badge Time Machinist Badge
275 Somewhere In Time Badge Somewhere In Time Badge
276 Back From the Future Badge Back From the Future Badge
277 Temporal Agent Badge Temporal Agent Badge
278 Temporal Spy Badge Temporal Spy Badge
279 Temporal Soldier Badge Temporal Soldier Badge
280 Heat Seeker Badge Heat Seeker Badge
281 Usurper Badge Usurper Badge
282 Archvillain Badge Archvillain Badge
283 Oppressor Badge Oppressor Badge
284 Destroyer Badge Destroyer Badge
285 Dead-eye Badge Dead-eye Badge
286 Interrogator Badge Interrogator Badge
287 Breakneck Badge Breakneck Badge
288 Uppercut Badge Uppercut Badge
289 Arachnophobic Badge Arachnophobic Badge
290 Wrangler Badge Wrangler Badge
291 Poltergeist Badge Poltergeist Badge
292 Sandblasted Badge Sandblasted Badge
293 Shark Hunter Badge Shark Hunter Badge
294 Blackguard Badge Blackguard Badge
295 Justiciar Badge Justiciar Badge
296 Task Force Commander Badge Task Force Commander Badge
299 Pocket D VIP Gold Club Member Badge Pocket D VIP Gold Club Member Badge
300 Ghost Touched Badge Ghost Touched Badge
301 Iron Warrior Badge Iron Warrior Badge
302 Pursuer Badge Elusive Badge
305 Trustworthy Badge Trustworthy Badge
308 Faithful Badge Faithful Badge
311 Dependable Badge Dependable Badge
315 Loyal Badge Loyal Badge
320 Zealous Badge Zealous Badge
324 Staunch Badge Staunch Badge
327 Steadfast Badge Steadfast Badge
331 Devoted Badge Devoted Badge
334 Dedicated Badge Dedicated Badge
337 Committed Badge Committed Badge
341 Unswerving Badge Unswerving Badge
344 Addicted Badge Addicted Badge
347 Escape Artist Badge Escape Artist Badge
348 Drowned Rat Badge Drowned Rat Badge
349 Old Fashioned Badge Old Fashioned Badge
350 Egg Hunter Badge Egg Hunter Badge
351 Fire Marshal Badge Fire Marshal Badge
352 Bomb Squad Badge Bomb Squad Badge
353 PPD Deputy Badge PPD Deputy Badge
354 Security Expert Badge Security Expert Badge
355 Interceptor Badge Interceptor Badge
356 Villain Disruptor Badge Villain Disruptor Badge
358 Stouthearted Badge Stouthearted Badge
359 Heart of the City Badge Heart of the City Badge
360 King's Righteousness Badge King's Righteousness Badge
361 Courage Driven Badge Courage Driven Badge
362 Freedom's Defender Badge Freedom's Defender Badge
363 Honorable Captain Badge Honorable Captain Badge
364 Talos' Might Badge Talos' Might Badge
365 Cornerstone Badge Cornerstone Badge
366 Founders' Protector Badge Founders' Protector Badge
367 Gatekeeper Badge Gatekeeper Badge
388 Rescuer Badge Rescuer Badge
389 Miraculous Badge Miraculous Badge
390 Joyful Badge Joyful Badge
391 Frosty Badge Frosty Badge
392 Crystallized Badge Crystallized Badge
393 Cold Front Badge Cold Front Badge
394 Cage Fighter Badge Cage Fighter Badge
395 Big Time Badge Big Time Badge
403 Trucker Badge Trucker Badge
404 Inventor Badge Inventor Badge
405 Saved the World Badge Saved the World Badge
406 Peerless Badge Peerless Badge
407 Diplomat Badge Diplomat Badge
408 Partygoer Badge Partygoer Badge
416 Artisan Badge Artisan Badge
417 Master Artisan Badge Master Artisan Badge
418 Craftsman Badge Craftsman Badge
419 Master Craftsman Badge Master Craftsman Badge
420 Fabricator Badge Fabricator Badge
421 Reborn Badge Reborn Badge
422 Geneticist Badge Geneticist Badge
423 Declining Badge Declining Badge
424 Decaying Badge Decaying Badge
425 Despoiler Badge Despoiler Badge
426 Dismantler Badge Dismantler Badge
427 Retrograde Badge Retrograde Badge
428 Medicator Badge Medicator Badge
429 Mender Badge Mender Badge
430 Rebuilder Badge Rebuilder Badge
431 Revivifier Badge Revivifier Badge
432 Reanimator Badge Reanimator Badge
433 Armorer Badge Armorer Badge
434 Guardian Badge Guardian Badge
435 Protector Badge Protector Badge
436 Security Badge Security Badge
437 Defensive Badge Defensive Badge
438 Blinding Badge Blinding Badge
439 Beguiler Badge Beguiler Badge
440 Charming Badge Charming Badge
441 Charismatic Badge Charismatic Badge
442 Mesmerizer Badge Mesmerizer Badge
443 Energy Conservationist Badge Energy Conservationist Badge
444 Battery Powered Badge Battery Powered Badge
445 Nuclear Powered Badge Nuclear Powered Badge
446 Mystically Powered Badge Mystically Powered Badge
447 Perpetual Badge Perpetual Badge
448 Trigger Man Badge Trigger Man Badge
449 Hired Gun Badge Hired Gun Badge
450 Hit-Man Badge Hit-Man Badge
451 Sniper Badge Sniper Badge
452 Sharpshooter Badge Sharpshooter Badge
453 Major Badge Major Badge
454 Lt. Colonel Badge Lt. Colonel Badge
455 Colonel Badge Colonel Badge
456 Major General Badge Major General Badge
457 General Badge General Badge
458 Munitionist Badge Munitionist Badge
459 Weaponeer Badge Weaponeer Badge
460 Warhead Badge Warhead Badge
461 Arms Dealer Badge Arms Dealer Badge
462 Lord of War Badge Lord of War Badge
463 Pilgrim Badge Pilgrim Badge
464 Vagabond Badge Vagabond Badge
465 Wanderer Badge Wanderer Badge
466 Walks the Earth Badge Walks the Earth Badge
467 Nomad Badge Nomad Badge
468 Field Crafter Badge Field Crafter Badge
469 Broker Badge Broker Badge
470 Inspiring Badge Inspiring Badge
471 Scrounger Badge Scrounger Badge
472 Enhancer Badge Enhancer Badge
473 Vendor Badge Vendor Badge
474 Salesman/Saleswoman Badge Salesman/Saleswoman Badge
475 Tradesman/Tradeswoman Badge Tradesman/Tradeswoman Badge
476 Merchant Badge Merchant Badge
477 Peddler Badge Peddler Badge
478 Retailer Badge Retailer Badge
479 Dealer Badge Dealer Badge
480 Auctioneer Badge Auctioneer Badge
481 Businessman/Businesswoman Badge Businessman/Businesswoman Badge
482 Marketer Badge Black Marketeer Badge
483 Shopkeeper Badge Shopkeeper Badge
484 Power Seller Badge Power Seller Badge
488 Merrymaker Badge Merrymaker Badge
489 Vanguard Operative Badge Vanguard Operative Badge
490 Trespasser Badge Trespasser Badge
491 Powerful Badge Powerful Badge
492 Lifesaver Badge Lifesaver Badge
493 Under Fire Badge Under Fire Badge
494 Base Jumper Badge Base Jumper Badge
495 Homewrecker Badge Homewrecker Badge
496 Luscious Badge Luscious Badge
497 Junkyard Dog Badge Junkyard Dog Badge
498 Scarred Badge Scarred Badge
499 Asunder Badge Asunder Badge
500 Unabashed Badge Unabashed Badge
501 Eyewitness Badge Eyewitness Badge
502 Ardent Badge Ardent Badge
505 Fervent Badge Fervent Badge
507 Member of Vanguard Badge Member of Vanguard Badge
508 Sentry Badge Sentry Badge
509 Bomb Specialist Badge Bomb Specialist Badge
510 Chief Badge Chief Badge
511 Watchman/Watchwoman Badge Watchman/Watchwoman Badge
512 Apocalyptic Badge Apocalyptic Badge
513 Clothes Horse Badge Clothes Horse Badge
514 Fashionable Badge Fashionable Badge
515 Ostentatious Badge Ostentatious Badge
517 Demolitionist Badge Demolitionist Badge
527 Master at Arms Badge Master at Arms Badge
528 All For One Badge One For All,All For One, One For All Badge
529 Divided Mastery Badge Divided Mastery Badge
530 Proportional Supremacy Badge Proportional Supremacy Badge
531 Shared Victory Badge Shared Victory Badge
535 Gold Medalist Badge Gold Medalist Badge
536 Silver Medalist Badge Silver Medalist Badge
537 Bronze Medalist Badge Bronze Medalist Badge
541 Venturous Badge Venturous Badge
542 Headstrong Badge Headstrong Badge
543 Adventurous Badge Adventurous Badge
544 Daredevil Badge Daredevil Badge
545 Rash Badge Rash Badge
546 Venturesome Badge Venturesome Badge
547 Reckless Badge Reckless Badge
548 Temerarious Badge Temerarious Badge
549 Audacious Badge Audacious Badge
550 Courageous Badge Courageous Badge
551 Bold Badge Bold Badge
552 Fearless Badge Fearless Badge
553 Valiant Badge Valiant Badge
554 Stalwart Badge Stalwart Badge
555 Lionhearted Badge Lionhearted Badge
556 Intrepid Badge Intrepid Badge
557 Contributor Badge Contributor Badge
558 Vocational Badge Vocational Badge
559 Professional Badge Professional Badge
560 All Business Badge All Business Badge
561 Archetypical Badge Archetypical Badge
562 Obligated Badge Obligated Badge
563 Missionary Badge Missionary Badge
564 Undertaker Badge Undertaker Badge
565 Refrained Badge Refrained Badge
566 Shut Down Badge Shut Down Badge
567 Desisted Badge Desisted Badge
568 Barred Badge Barred Badge
569 Still Badge Still Badge
570 Stalled Badge Stalled Badge
571 Stemmed Badge Stemmed Badge
572 Suspended Badge Suspended Badge
573 Diminished Badge Diminished Badge
574 Curtailed Badge Curtailed Badge
575 Capped Badge Capped Badge
576 Inhibited Badge Inhibited Badge
577 Hindered Badge Hindered Badge
578 Bound Badge Bound Badge
579 Limited Badge Limited Badge
580 Demarcated Badge Demarcated Badge
581 Cut-Off Badge Cut-Off Badge
582 Marginalized Badge Marginalized Badge
583 Cliche Badge Cliche Badge
584 Unimaginative Badge Unimaginative Badge
585 Flat Badge Flat Badge
586 Unoriginal Badge Unoriginal Badge
587 Dull Badge Dull Badge
588 Phoned it in Badge Phoned it in Badge
589 Indifferent Badge Indifferent Badge
590 Uninspired Badge Uninspired Badge
591 Lessened Badge Lessened Badge
592 Debilitated Badge Debilitated Badge
593 Anemic Badge Anemic Badge
594 Weakened Badge Weakened Badge
595 Deflated Badge Deflated Badge
596 Decreased Badge Decreased Badge
597 Devalued Badge Devalued Badge
598 Unenhanced Badge Unenhanced Badge
599 Entrusted with the Secret Badge Entrusted with the Secret Badge
600 Troubleshooter Badge Troubleshooter Badge
601 Adjuster Badge Adjuster Badge
602 Calibrator Badge Calibrator Badge
603 Alterist Badge Alterist Badge
604 Balancer Badge Balancer Badge
605 Correctionist Badge Correctionist Badge
606 Repairman/Repairwoman Badge Repairman/Repairwoman Badge
607 Overhauler Badge Overhauler Badge
608 Time Fixer Badge Time Fixer Badge
609 Ouroboros Mender Badge Ouroboros Mender Badge
610 Master of Statesman's Task Force Badge Master of Statesman's Task Force Badge
611 Master of Lord Recluse's Strike Force Badge Master of Lord Recluse's Strike Force Badge
613 Chrononaut Badge Chrononaut Badge
628 Speed Demon Badge Speed Demon Badge
629 Accelerated Badge Accelerated Badge
630 Qualified Badge Qualified Badge
631 Gifted Badge Gifted Badge
632 Eternal Badge Eternal Badge
634 Battle Hardened Badge Battle Hardened Badge
636 Entertainer Badge Entertainer Badge
650 The Thief of Midnight Badge The Thief of Midnight Badge
651 Midnight Squad Badge Midnight Squad Badge
652 Lost Savior Badge Badge
653 Origin of Power Badge Origin of Power Badge
654 Depths of Time Badge Depths of Time Badge
656 Midnighter Club Member Badge Midnighter Club Member Badge
657 Temporal Strife Badge Temporal Strife Badge
658 Centurion Badge Centurion Badge
659 Roman Badge Roman Badge
673 Midnighter Archivist Badge Midnighter Archivist Badge
674 Burkholder's Bane Badge Burkholder's Bane Badge
675 Positron's Ally Badge Positron's Betrayer Badge
676 Synapse's Cohort Badge Synapse's Betrayer Badge
677 Sister Psyche's Comrade Badge Sister Psyche's Betrayer Badge
678 Citadel's Assistant Badge Citadel's Betrayer Badge
679 Manticore's Associate Badge Manticore's Betrayer Badge
680 Numina's Compatriot Badge Numina's Betrayer Badge
681 Liberator Badge Destroyer of Earth Badge
682 Transcendent Badge Transcendent Badge
683 Charmer Badge Charmer Badge
684 Transmogrified Badge Transmogrified Badge
685 Negotiator Badge Negotiator Badge
686 Spelunker Badge Spelunker Badge
687 Plague Stopper Badge Deadly Virus Badge
688 Spirit Warrior Badge Spirit Warrior Badge
688 Glimpsed the Abyss Badge Glimpsed the Abyss Badge
689 Pwnz Badge Pwnz Badge
689 Safety in Numbers Badge Safety in Numbers Badge
690 Redeemer Badge Conqueror Badge
690 Evil's Resident Badge Evil's Resident Badge
691 Apocalypse Survivor Badge Apocalypse Survivor Badge
691 Mystical Savior Badge Mystical Adept Badge
692 Corrupter Badge Corrupter Badge
693 War Wall Defender Badge Sabatuer Badge
694 The Doctor's Ally Badge The Doctor's Ally Badge
695 Frontline Badge Frontline Badge
696 Emancipator Badge Emancipator Badge
697 Frostbitten Badge Frostbitten Badge
697 Meteorologist Badge Meteorologist Badge
698 Bodyguard Badge Bodyguard Badge
699 Speeder Badge Speeder Badge
699 Agent Badge Agent Badge
700 Cold Warrior Badge Cold Warrior Badge
700 Agile Badge Agile Badge
701 Surefooted Badge Surefooted Badge
701 Frozen Fury Badge Frozen Fury Badge
702 Knight Errant Badge Knight Errant Badge
703 Devilfish Badge Devilfish Badge
704 Volcanic Badge Volcanic Badge
705 Visionary Badge Visionary Badge
706 Ectoplasmic Badge Ectoplasmic Badge
707 Troll Task Force Member Badge Troll Task Force Member Badge
708 Firebase Zulu Security Detail Badge Shadow Shard Sovereign Badge
709 Hallow Spirit Badge Hallow Spirit Badge
710 Hunter Badge Hunter Badge
711 Buster Badge Buster Badge
712 Shifter Badge Shifter Badge
713 Dead Head Badge Dead Head Badge
714 Malleus Badge Malleus Badge
715 Tourist Badge Visitor Badge
716 Collector Badge Native Badge
717 Explorer Badge Obsessed Badge
718 Pathfinder Badge Pathfinder Badge
719 Tough Badge Stoic Badge
720 Indestructible Badge Hard Case Badge
721 Adamant Badge Ironman/Ironwoman Badge
722 Unbreakable Badge Unbreakable Badge
723 The Unwavering Badge Punch Drunk Badge
724 The Unyielding Badge Unbroken Badge
725 The Unbroken Spirit Badge Relentless Badge
726 Medic Badge Fixer Badge
727 Surgeon Badge Doc Badge
728 Doctor Badge Mad Scientist Badge
729 Restrained Badge Slacker Badge
730 Entangled Badge Sleepy Badge
731 Imprisoned Badge Dazed and Confused Badge
732 Celebrity Badge Bling Badge
733 Sensation Badge Mr./Ms. Big Badge
734 Superstar Badge Midas Touch Badge
735 Protector of Innocents Badge Soldier Badge
736 Keeper of Peace Badge Insider Badge
737 Defender of Truth Badge Wiseguy/Wisegal Badge
738 Justice Incarnate Badge Captain Badge
739 Hero of the City Badge Made Badge
740 Advisor Badge Comrade Badge
741 Guide Badge Drill Instructor Badge
742 Paragon Badge Svengali Badge
743 Banisher Badge Banisher Badge
744 Tank Buster Badge Tank Buster Badge
745 Bonecrusher Badge Bonecrusher Badge
746 Kill Skuls Badge Kill Skuls Badge
747 Clockstopper Badge Clockstopper Badge
748 Demon Slayer Badge Demon Slayer Badge
749 Dimensional Warder Badge Dimensional Warder Badge
750 Finder Badge Finder Badge
751 Gearsmasher Badge Gearsmasher Badge
752 Gravedigger Badge Gravedigger Badge
753 Hellspawned Badge Hellspawned Badge
754 Illusionist Badge Illusionist Badge
755 Infiltrator Badge Infiltrator Badge
756 Keeper of Secrets Badge Keeper of Secrets Badge
757 Legionnaire Badge Legionnaire Badge
758 Master/Mistress of Olympus Badge Master/Mistress of Olympus Badge
759 Unleasher Badge Unleasher Badge
760 Monkeywrencher Badge Monkeywrencher Badge
761 Privateer Badge Privateer Badge
762 Protectorate Badge Devourer of Earth Badge
763 Isolator Badge Isolator Badge
764 Regenerator Badge Regenerator Badge
765 The Silver Bullet Badge The Silver Bullet Badge
766 The Slayer Badge The Slayer Badge
767 Soul Binder Badge Soul Binder Badge
768 Statesman's Pal Badge Tyrant's Bane Badge
769 The Solution Badge The Solution Badge
770 Tracer Badge Tracer Badge
771 Untouchable Badge Untouchable Badge
772 Unveiler Badge Unveiler Badge
773 Warden Badge Cruel Warden Badge
774 Weatherman/Weathergirl Badge Weatherman/Weathergirl Badge
775 Zookeeper Badge Zookeeper Badge
776 Pupil Badge Pupil Badge
777 Student Badge Student Badge
778 Scholastic Badge Scholastic Badge
779 Authority Badge Authority Badge
780 Disciple Badge Disciple Badge
781 Expert Badge Expert Badge
782 Academic Badge Academic Badge
783 Intellectual Badge Intellectual Badge
784 Savant Badge Savant Badge
785 Researcher Badge Researcher Badge
786 Historian Badge Historian Badge
787 Just Said No to Superadine Badge Just Said No to Superadine Badge
788 Scholar Badge Scholar Badge
789 Digger Badge Digger Badge
790 Ghost Hunter Badge Ghost Hunter Badge
791 Passport Badge Passport Badge
792 Bug Hunter Badge Bug Hunter Badge
793 V.I.P. Badge Destined One Badge
794 Received the Atlas Medallion Badge Received the Atlas Medallion Badge
795 Conspiracy Theorist Badge Conspiracy Theorist Badge
796 Portal Jockey Badge Portal Jockey Badge
797 Freedom Phalanx Reserve Member Badge Freedom Phalanx Fallen Badge
798 Archmage Badge Archmage Badge
799 Vanguard Badge Vanguard Badge
803 Received the Stalwart Medallion Badge Received the Stalwart Medallion Badge
804 Earned the Statesman Star Badge Earned the Statesman Star Badge
805 Awarded the Freedom Cross Badge Awarded the Freedom Cross Badge
806 Head of the Hydra Badge Head of the Hydra Badge
807 Undefeated Badge Undefeated Badge
808 Silent Sentinel Badge Silent Sentinel Badge
809 Hero Corps Insider Badge Hero Corps Insider Badge
810 Patriot Badge International Spy Badge
811 Top Dog Badge Top Dog Badge
812 Freedom Badge Covert Operator Badge
813 Shrouded Badge Shady Badge
814 Phalanxer Badge Phalanxer Badge
815 Regal Badge Regal Badge
816 Vision of Despair Badge Vision of Despair Badge
817 Destined for Valhalla Badge Destined for Valhalla Badge
818 Mystic Badge Mystic Badge
819 Inmate Badge Inmate Badge
820 Crey Watcher Badge Crey Watcher Badge
821 Burning the Midnight Oil Badge Burning the Midnight Oil Badge
822 Dark Mystic Badge Dark Mystic Badge
823 Seeker of the Unknown Badge Seeker of the Unknown Badge
824 Cairn Warder Badge Cairn Warder Badge
825 Crey Fish Badge Crey Fish Badge
826 Unspoiled Badge Unspoiled Badge
827 Undammed Badge Undammed Badge
828 Newsman/Newsgirl Badge Newsman/Newsgirl Badge
829 Faultless Mystic Badge Faultless Mystic Badge
830 Apex Badge Apex Badge
831 Foggy Badge Foggy Badge
832 Chaotician Badge Chaotician Badge
833 Bird Watcher Badge Bird Watcher Badge
834 Blue Shield Badge Blue Shield Badge
835 Brawler Badge Brawler Badge
836 Tank Badge Tank Badge
837 Land Locked Badge Land Locked Badge
838 Parapsychologist Badge Parapsychologist Badge
839 Seeker of Monsters Badge Seeker of Monsters Badge
840 Geologist Badge Geologist Badge
841 Backwoodsman Badge Backwoodsman Badge
842 Gangland Fury Badge Gangland Fury Badge
843 Multidimensional Badge Multidimensional Badge
844 Crey Havoc Badge Crey Havoc Badge
845 Valorous Badge Valorous Badge
846 Vigorous Badge Vigorous Badge
847 Summoned Badge Summoned Badge
848 Upgraded Badge Upgraded Badge
849 Mystic King/Queen Badge Mystic King/Queen Badge
850 Keen Sighted Badge Keen Sighted Badge
851 Smokey Badge Smokey Badge
852 Portal Parter Badge Portal Parter Badge
853 Territorial Badge Territorial Badge
854 Avatar Badge Avatar Badge
855 Around the Bendis Badge Around the Bendis Badge
856 Doc Whedon Badge Doc Whedon Badge
857 Justice Avenger Badge Socialite Badge
858 Ace Badge Ace Badge
859 Purifier Badge Purifier Badge
860 Solace Badge Solace Badge
861 Dauntless Badge Dauntless Badge
862 Healing Node Badge Healing Node Badge
863 Secret Admirer Badge Secret Admirer Badge
864 Hero Corps Recruit Badge Hero Corps Recruit Badge
865 Nimble Mynx Badge Nimble Mynx Badge
866 Bright Star Badge Bright Star Badge
867 Super Spy Badge Super Spy Badge
868 Sea Dog Badge Sea Dog Badge
869 Vulcanologist Badge Vulcanologist Badge
870 Minotaur Badge Minotaur Badge
871 Nature Lover Badge Eco-warrior Badge
872 Whitecap Badge Whitecap Badge
873 Conjunction Junction Badge Conjunction Junction Badge
874 Meltdown Badge Meltdown Badge
875 Nervous Dreck Badge Nervous Dreck Badge
876 Time Bandit Badge Time Bandit Badge
877 Heart of the Hamidon Badge Heart of the Hamidon Badge
888 Celebrant Badge Celebrant Badge
889 Volunteer Firefighter Badge Fire Bane Badge
890 Firefighter Badge Firefighter Badge
891 Fire Chief Badge Fire Chief Badge
892 Raver Badge Raver Badge
893 Dee Jay Badge Dee Jay Badge
894 Nigh Indestructible Badge Nigh Indestructible Badge
895 Invulnerable Badge Invulnerable Badge
896 Immortal Badge Immortal Badge
897 Deathless Badge Deathless Badge
898 Undying Badge Undying Badge
899 Exalted Badge Exalted Badge
900 Medical Specialist Badge Medical Specialist Badge
901 Medicine Man/Woman Badge Medicine Man/Woman Badge
902 Empath Badge Empath Badge
903 Confined Badge Confined Badge
904 Caged Badge Caged Badge
905 Jailed Badge Jailed Badge
906 Trendsetter Badge Trendsetter Badge
907 Popular Badge Popular Badge
908 Leader Badge Trillionaire Badge
909 Role Model Badge Role Model Badge
910 Epitome Badge Epitome Badge
911 Paradigm Badge Paradigm Badge
912 Trailblazer Badge Trailblazer Badge
913 Grim Wanderer Badge Grim Wanderer Badge
914 Spiritual Badge Spiritual Badge
915 Ensorcelled Badge Ensorcelled Badge
916 Alumnus Badge Alumnus Badge
917 Honorary Peacebringer Badge Alien Fighter Badge
918 Portal Smasher Badge Portal Smasher Badge
919 Destroyer of Strength Badge Destroyer of Strength Badge
920 Protector of Kindness Badge Thorn Crusher Badge
921 Slayer of Madness Badge Slayer of Madness Badge
922 Cabalist Badge Cabalist Badge
932 X times the Victor Badge X times the Victor Badge
933 Giant Killer Badge Giant Killer Badge
934 Pumpkin King/Queen Badge Pumpkin King/Queen Badge
935 Believer Badge Believer Badge
936 Cap Buster Badge Cap Buster Badge
937 Pumpkin Master/Mistress Badge Pumpkin Master/Mistress Badge
938 Bane of Dannan Badge Bane of Dannan Badge
939 Spellbinding Badge Spellbinding Badge
940 Haunted Badge Haunted Badge
941 Geas of the Kind Ones Badge Geas of the Kind Ones Badge