School Girl Costume Set

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The School Girl Costume Set is a female-only preselected costume set that is found in the costume creator. It is available to all players, regardless of their subscription status, and does not require owning any special pieces from either the Paragon Market or the Paragon Rewards System.

School Girl Costume Set Female
School Girl Costume Set
Head Shape Face Pattern Hair Ears Detail 1 Detail 2
Standard Average 1 Face 1 None Feisty Human None None
Upper Body
Upper Body Shirt Sleeves Chest Pattern Shoulders Style Chest Detail Pattern Gloves Style Pattern Belt Style
Shirts Student Shirt Puffy Bikini Kitten Scarf Smooth/Bare Bare Hands None
Lower Body
Lower Body Skirts / Shorts Style Pattern Bottom Pattern Boots Style Pattern Tails
Skirts / Shorts Flared Pleated Pleated Bikini 1 Baggy Socks None
Back Detail
Back Detail

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