Kara the Scorpion

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Kara the Scorpion is a City of Villains broker located in Sharkhead Isle. Her coordinates are (100, 32, -667)


Contact Introduced By

  • None. Kara is a broker.

New Contact(s)

If you don't mind doing some work for the Family, I've got someone you should meet. His name is Lorenz Ansaldo, a troubleshooter for the Family in Sharkhead Isle. The Family supplies him with Natural and Technology Enhancements.

Have you met Vince Dubrowski? He's working for the Cage Consortium, trying to keep their Sharkhead Isle mining operation in the black. That brings him into contact with the Scrapyarders quite a bit. His connections at Cage can get him Natural and Technology Enhancements.

You ever heard of Captain Petrovich? He's an old sea captain that's been around the Rogue Isles for ages. Nobody knows how, but he's got some secret connections that get him Technology and Science Enhancements.



Kara was a top-notch assassin before she suffered a crushing defeat by Statesman. Her body had never been the same, so now she brokers information from her criminal contacts and shares it with super-powered operatives--like you.

Initial Contact =

My name is Kara. I am called the Scorpion because I am quick to sting those who cross me. If you can make a name for yourself on this wretched isle, I might share some of my tips with you. I can no longer partake in the great game myself--Statesman himself saw to that when he broke my spine--but my former employers often pass on lucrative tips for a small cut of the proceeds.

Since you're playing in the big leagues now, you'll have to do a lot more to earn my respect. I'd say five jobs should earn you a heist.


Rob the Chum Bucket

Mission Briefing

The Chum Bucket. Everybody knows it. It's Mako's own personal casino. It'd take someone with real guts to knock over that place. Someone like you.

Mission Acceptance

Get to it!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat all security
  • Crack the safe

Clue: The cash

Mako's casino, the Chum Bucket, runs a very liquid business. You managed to get away with as much cash as you can carry.


You didn't leave anyone alive, did you? That's good, for both of us.