Empyrean Merit Salvage

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Special Salvage

You have been awarded a reward token for completing Endgame content. Empyrean Merits can be spent on various Endgame Rewards, or traded for Astral Merits.


Awarded for completing Incarnate Trials, once per 20 hour period, per Trial. Since there is a limited selection of trials as of Issue 21, a character can only get six Empyrean Merits per day, the release of new Incarnate Trials in future Issues will increase this number.

Used For

  • In the Incarnate Window, converts to:
    • 1 Empyrean Merit to 20 Incarnate Threads
    • 8 Empyrean Merits to 1 Rare Thread type Incarnate salvage
    • 30 Empyrean Merits to 1 Very Rare Thread type Incarnate Salvage
  • Can be spent at the Incarnate Merit Vendors

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